Want a flatter course to test out all that speed work you’ve been doing?

High altitude runners, feel like testing yourself in some low elevation and high humidity?

Check out this new race in the deep swampy south. A 10hr night ultra on a short course that is sure to be fast, but mind the roots and mosquitoes because they are hungry for a win too.

This trail is a gem in the heart of Louisiana. You’ve heard about the local Louisiana food right? You almost couldn’t ask for a better spot to consider a runcation! This 10- hour overnight endurance event will feature a 2-4 mile loop with a full aid station available each loop.* Each runner is required to carry a light source and hydration solution for every loop. Plan for heat and humidity as this is a run through a Louisiana Summer Night!

*As soon as the course is finalized this information will be updated.

Register Here


Packet pick up: 6 pm- 8 pm at race start

Parking: Parking will be along a gravel road leading to the race start area. Details will be emailed out to participants. If there is a chance of rain we have an alternative parking solution that we will update participants on.

Pre-race meeting: There will be a pre-race meeting at 7:50 pm that all runners need to attend.

T-shirts: Register by July 6 to ensure you get a t-shirt!

Aid station: There will be one well stocked aid station that you will regularly pass that will have everything you need including cheerful volunteers. Each runner is required to carry a light source and hydration solution at all times with them. This will be a cupless race and Second Growth Running Company will provide each runner a reusable cup.

Course: Runners will play on a 2-4 mile loop which will include single track trail, some gravel road, and some wooden boardwalks. The course will be well marked with reflective tape.

Crew/ pacers: Crews are allowed and welcomed! It’ll be a fun race to crew. Pacers are not allowed for this event. If someone wants to run with you please have them sign up as a participant. 

Awards/ Goodies

Signing up: Each runner will receive a shirt and reusable cup for signing up.

Finishers Awards: An award will be given to all runners that complete 20-ish miles. This number will be firmed up based on the length of each loop.

Podium Awards: Top three females and top three males will receive an additional award because you have EARNED it!!

Runners can run as much or as little as they want during the 10 hours. For a loop to count towards your overall mileage
the loop must be completed by 6 am Sunday morning.

Camping/ Lodging

RVs/ Tents: Conveniently there is a campground at Acadiana Park. Information can be found here: http://www.naturestation.org/pages/Acadiana-Park-Campground

AirBNB/ Hotels: This trail is in the middle of Lafayette, Louisiana a couple of miles off of I-10. There is a plethora of lodging options nearby. Downtown Lafayette is close and offers a great spot to dine, drink, and hang out for those of you coming in from out of town!


You will feel the support and hospitality of South Louisiana at this race. So many local runners are already signed up so you are bound to make new friends!


Second Growth Running Company values an inclusive environment and community no matter your race, color, sex, language, religion, political or other opinion, national or social origin, property, birth or other status such as disability, age, marital and family status, sexual orientation and gender identity, health status, place of residence, economic and social situation.  While not all those with physical disabilities will be suited to completing the distance on this type of terrain you are invited to discuss any concerns before signing up with the Race Director to determine if this is a good race for you.

We have adopted the Western States 100 Mile Race Transgender Entrant Policy as they have devoted a lot of time, energy, and resources to define this policy including working with industry experts. That policy can be found here: https://www.wser.org/transgender-entrant-policy/

Allegations of discrimination, hate speech, harassment or anything of that nature will be taken seriously and can result in a runner being disqualified (whether it be because of the runner’s crew or the runner themselves) and potentially banned from Second Growth Running Company events in the future depending on the incident.

Please be kind to all you meet on and off the trail!


No.  Just don’t.  If you are signing up for a trail race, I am assuming along with the desire to do an ultra distance event also comes a love and respect for nature.  When you are out there on the trail you are a visitor in nature.  Be a polite guest and pack out your trash to the next aid station. If you are seen willfully littering by any of our volunteers, you will be disqualified.


No refunds. No rollovers to next year. No transfers to another person. No mailing of shirts or packets before or after the event. 


Dogs are allowed but must be leashed and well controlled. Any reports of dogs off leash or causing problems will result in the the dog being removed from the race area. If this isn’t resolved the runner will face disqualification from the race. I LOVE dogs but some people don’t or have had negative experiences that make them uncomfortable around dogs. This event is not for put on for pups but rather is designed for the runners. If the dogs get in the way of the people, the dogs need to leave.

Why such harsh rules? Experience with dogs at races that are “harmless” but ended up biting a runner because the runner startled the dog. That’s not fair to the participant (or even the dog!).


While not currently mandatory, runners are encouraged to volunteer at least 8 hours on trail maintenance or at other trail and/ or ultra-events. This strengthens our trail community and reminds us of our responsibility to be good trail stewards.