Join us on the beautiful Sandstone Trail in Kisatchie National Forest for the seventh edition of the Red Dirt Ultra. This rugged trail consist of loose and hardpacked sand, stream crossings, climbing and descending, and long runnable sections through the long leaf pines. You can see the beauty of the trail by clicking the “Gallery” tab to view pictures and videos taken by other runners! 

PLEASE NOTE: the 50K is actually about 33 miles and the 100K is about 66 miles! The cutoff time for all races is midnight which allows 18 hours for the 100K.

What makes this race so special is the community. The aid stations are manned by experienced ultra runners who know what it takes to get to the finish line! Our volunteers even provide vegan food options at the finish line and at the mid- loop aid station.


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February 15, 2025

Start times:
100k – 6:00 a.m.
50k & 50k relay- 7:00 a.m.

Packet Pick Up (At Start/ Finish)
Friday evening: 4:00 p.m. to 6:00 p.m.
Saturday morning: 4:45 a.m.- 6:45 a.m.

Please note: All participants and crew are responsible for knowing the information below.

Since this is a National Forest, there is not a set address for the start/finish parking area.  Technically it is the Day Use parking area on Park Road 395.  The most direct way to find it is to plug in the GPS coordinates into your app:  31.478666, -93.103274. Enter the coordinates exactly as listed including the comma. Below are the directions from both the south and east: 

From Leesville:

  • North on Hwy 117
  • Right onto Longleaf Pine Road (the road is to the right after you pass Bolton Cemetery), drive 12.8 miles until you see the sign for the Day Use parking area (park road 395)
  • Right at Day Use Parking Area (park road 395). This is the parking area, as well as, the start/ finish.

From Shreveport or Alexandria:

  • Exit 119 (Cloutierville Exit), head west 5.2 miles
  • Right onto Longleaf Pine Road (the road is to the right after you pass Bolton Cemetery), drive 12.8 miles until you see the sign for the Day Use parking area (park road 395)
  • Left at Day Use Parking Area (park road 395). This is the parking area, as well as, the start/ finish.


  • 50K- One small loop
  • 100K- One small loop and one big loop
  • 100 Miles- Three big loops



The course is well marked with forest service arrows on the trees and contractor flags with reflective tape for those running at night. During the race, the flags will be located on your right. It is your responsibility to stay on the course.  

*Bold denotes crew- access aid station*

    • Start/ Finish to Hwy 346 AS: 6.5 miles
    • Hwy 346 AS to Hwy 342 UNMANNED AS: 3 miles
    • Hwy 342 UNMANNED AS to Coyote Camp AS: 5.8 miles
    • Coyote Camp AS to Hwy 321 AS: 7.1
    • Hwy 321 AS to Kisatchie Bayou (Shipley) AS: 5.1
    • Kisatchie Bayou to Start/ finish: 5.7


There will be a designated area near the start/finish where you can set up a chair and your supplies for between loops. The second drop bag location is the Coyote Camp Aid Station.  The following restrictions are for the bags we will bring out to Coyote Camp Aid Station:

  • Drop bags must be in bags!  5-gallon size MAX. (No trunks, ice chests, Tupperware, boxes)
  • All bags MUST be labelled with your name and bib #.  
  • Only ONE bag per person.
  • Bring drop bags to packet pickup OR bring to the designated area at the race start.  Drop bags will be delivered right after the race start and will be returned to the start/finish area by 9:00 am on Sunday.  If you need it sooner than that, you will have to grab it on your way out.
  • Drop bags will be lined up by bib # order.
  • All abandoned drop bags are considered donations.  Anything worthy will be donated to a local shelter, the rest will be thrown away.  
  • All distances may have drop bags.
  • All drop bags must be weatherproof.  They will not be under any cover.
  • When you dig through your bag, be sure to put everything back into it before you take off again.  We are NOT responsible for lost items.


50K– No pacers. Relay exchange takes place at Corral Camp ONLY which is a mile before Coyote Camp.

100k- Pacers allowed after the runner has finished first loop solo.

  • Pacers may ONLY join their runner at the start/finish, Coyote Camp Aid Station, or Kisatchie Bayou AS. 
  • Pacers are allowed the entire way for runners over 60 years of age.
  • Pacers may never mule or carry anything for their runner. This means that pacers may never hand anything to their runner out on course that the runner wasn’t carrying themselves.
  • Only one Pacer at a time.
  • Any Pacer impeding, being rude to other runners or volunteers will get their Runner DQ’ed.
  • Pacers are welcome to anything from the Aid Stations.
  • Pacers need to sign waiver and wear a Pacer bib.


  • No aid can be given by crew to runners except at the start/finish, Coyote Camp Aid Station, or Kisatchie Bayou Aid Station. Crews are NOT allowed at any other aid station. Some of these roads are pretty primitive and it is very possible you could get stuck.
  • Please respect the speed limit within the park.  If a runner’s crew is caught speeding within the park, the runner will be disqualified.  Driving too fast on these dirt roads kicks up dust, and many times the trail is near the road.  Be considerate of the other runners as well as the national forest services that have allowed us to use their space.
  • Any crew impeding, being rude to other runners or volunteers will get their Runner DQ’ed.

There is plenty of parking at the start/finish (395/ Day Use lot).  If you choose to meet your runner at the Coyote Camp Aid Station be aware that parking is along the Longleaf Scenic Byway. Park at your own risk and be aware that runners will be crossing the road at this point. Follow the speed limit and be aware of potentially delirious runners. Remember that runners have the right of way!

You are “checked in” when you pick up your packet. If you are picking up a packet for someone who is not running please let us know.

DNF, DROP, QUIT, LEAVE EARLY, MISSED CUTOFF. ALL runners who decide not to finish the race MUST let a race official know. Failure to communicate this to race officials may cause an unnecessary search, which will negatively impact the event.

Your race bib must be worn on the front of your body and visible to aid station volunteers.

The overall cutoff for the race is midnight which is 18 hours for the 100K.  This cutoff time is firm. 

If you are signed up for the 100k and decide to drop to the 50k after the first loop, you will get a 50k finisher time and medal rather than a DNF, but you will NOT be eligible for any awards for the 50k. If you are signed up for the 50k and are feeling frisky after the first loop, once you have paid the difference between the two races in CASH, we will allow you out for the second loop. You will receive a medal but not an award. 

Each finisher will receive a medal.

Top finisher awards:
The top 3 females and top 3 males of each race distance will receive a medal.

This is a beautiful park with tons of camping. Check out the National Forest website for info. It is a first come, first serve with no reserving sites.  There is an honor box in the front of each campground where you pay cash and put the tear off tag on your dash.  

There are places you can park an RV throughout the park but RVs are not allowed at start/ finish area.

Earbuds are allowed since the trail is wide enough to pass another runner. Please keep your music low and be aware of your surroundings. Speakers, including using your phone as a speaker, is NOT allowed.

TREKKING POLES are allowed.

You must register by January 14, 2025 to get a shirt. Participant shirts will be included in packets. While we cannot swap your size at packet pickup we may be able to after races start. 

Become a member of the Trilogy Club by running all three distances over the years: 50k, 100k, and 100 mile! Awards are given to each member. This isn’t automatically tracked so you will need to alert the Race Director that you are attempting the third and final race of your Trilogy!

Brent Aymond  100k – 2017; 100M – 2018; 50k – 2019
Ben “Loco” Fiallos  50k – 2018; 100k – 2019; 100M – 2020
Tonya McKnight 50k – 2017; 100k – 2019 & 2020; 100M – 2021
Mark Thomas 50k – 2019; 100k – 2020; 100M – 2021
Jonathan Miles 50k – 2020; 100k – 2021; 100M – 2022
Bridget Schwenne 50k – 2022; 100k – 2020; 100M – 2021
Michael Puyear  50k – 2022; 100k – 2018; 100M – 2019


Second Growth Running Company values an inclusive environment and community no matter your race, color, sex, language, religion, political or other opinion, national or social origin, property, birth or other status such as disability, age, marital and family status, sexual orientation and gender identity, health status, place of residence, economic and social situation.  While not all those with physical disabilities will be suited to completing the distance on this type of terrain you are invited to discuss any concerns before signing up with the Race Director to determine if this is a good race for you.

We have adopted the Western States 100 Mile Race Transgender Entrant Policy as they have devoted a lot of time, energy, and resources to define this policy including working with industry experts. That policy can be found here:

Allegations of discrimination, hate speech, harassment or anything of that nature will be taken seriously and can result in a runner being disqualified (whether it be because of the runner’s crew or the runner themselves) and potentially banned from Second Growth Running Company events in the future depending on the incident.

Please be kind to all you meet on and off the trail!

No.  Just don’t.  If you are signing up for a trail race, I am assuming along with the desire to do an ultra distance event also comes a love and respect for nature.  When you are out there on the trail you are a visitor in nature.  Be a polite guest and pack out your trash to the next aid station. If you are seen willfully littering by any of our volunteers, you will be disqualified.

No refunds. No rollovers to next year. No transfers to another person. No mailing of shirts or packets before or after the event. 

Dogs are allowed but must be leashed and well controlled. Any reports of dogs off leash or causing problems will result in the the dog being removed from the race area. If this isn’t resolved the runner will face disqualification from the race. I LOVE dogs but some people don’t or have had negative experiences that make them uncomfortable around dogs. This event is not for put on for pups but rather is designed for the runners. If the dogs get in the way of the people, the dogs need to leave.

Why such harsh rules? Experience with dogs at races that are “harmless” but ended up biting a runner because the runner startled the dog. That’s not fair to the participant (or even the dog!).

While not currently mandatory, runners are encouraged to volunteer at least 8 hours on trail maintenance or at other trail and/ or ultra-events. This strengthens our trail community and reminds us of our responsibility to be good trail stewards.